Educational Assistant student loan options?

Many students will require some form of financial aid or support throughout their post secondary education. The possibilities for money grants are almost endless. Below are several of the options.


Standing for Ontario student assistance plan, OSAP aids students needing money for their studies in five different ways. Directly below you will find a link to the website for further information.

Ways of aid:

Canada Study Grants

This program is for deserving students, with families of low or middle class. The higher class the family is, the lower the grant is. This grant is also available for students with permanent disabilities, dependents, and women studying doctoral studies. Below there is a link provided for further information.


Another option is a Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loan. This is a interest free loan from the government for students studying full time, or for people with disabilities taking 40% or more of a full work load. A link for further information is provided below.


There are many scholarships provided in Ontario for deserving secondary students. The list ranges from musical, academic to athletic scholarships. A list of them is provided below:
Canada Millennium Excellence Awards
Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top Scholarship
Skills Ontario Scholarships
And, here is a link for further information.


Bursary for Students with Disabilities

Ontario Special Bursary Plan

Canada Millennium Bursary

Child-Care Bursary Plan

A link for further information is provided below: