Educational Assistant Ontario

What is Educational Assistant?

An educational assistant is a person who helps an instructor, professor or teacher. In other words, he or she enhances learning process by providing the teacher with a helper.

Common tasks include:

  • Taking attendance
  • Writing notes
  • Managing student behaviour and organization
  • Supervising students
  • One-on-one tutorial service
  • Teaching parts of the lesson.

An educational assistant can even have the benefit of actually teaching a classroom, provided that he or she follows the teacher’s lesson plan. It is a great opportunity to gain experience, and learn new things about becoming an actual in the possible future.

Currently, because of the increasing size, and diversity of classrooms it is a very high in demand job. The pay is increasing astonishingly. Currently the pay varies between 18.50$ to 23.50$ an hour, depending on the individuals level of education.

There are certain personal qualities that an individual should have to enter in this domain.

Enjoy working with younger people

Patience with younger people

  • Good physical condition (for teaching little children)
  • Organized
  • High energy level
  • Good at multi-tasking
  • Know how to manage stress well
  • Safety conscious